Since 1965, Midwifery Clinic Kasuga has been supporting the view of “natural birth and breastfeeding”
I believe the innate capability of childbirth emphasizes the beauty of women.
It also nurtures the happiness of children, families and the constitution of our society.

Japanese midwives referred to as “Sanba” has supported pregnancy, labor,
and delivery with their inherited knowledge and experiences.
Originally, a female body is designed to nurture life and deliver.
We will support your choice of “happy delivery” style to bring out the miracle female strengths.

Midwifery Clinic, Kasuga Jyosanin Akizuki Youjyousho
Satoko Nobutomo

Pregnant woman

Pregnant woman medical examination
(The aid ticket, issued by the local
government for pregnant women is available)
Health guidance support
(Accepting those who are going to give
a birth at a hospital)

Counseling / Examination

The place of birth
Health problem
Infant medical examination
Other consultation

Childbirth preparation and the postpartum recovery.
(Lactation support, infant care, discipline, etc) Contact for more information.
Medical exam by the obstetrician is required.


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